International Hot Air Balloon Festival 2016 | #IBF2016

Since last year I personally went to the International Hot Air Balloon 2015 held at Pradera Verde, Lubao, Pampanga which is probably 15 mins. away from our home. This year we also went to this once in a year event with my cousins and my brother.

We went to the event early in the morning for us to catch up the balloon flying. We arrived at the location around 06:60 A.M. and luckily we still saw the balloons up in the sky. So my #1 TIP for all of you who wants to witness balloon flying you need to go early in the morning because in the afternoon you're not that sure if you will catch that moment.

Everything went well but all of a sudden the night glow didn't work out the last day which makes me so sad because it's one of the highlight of the event. Though they light up 5 balloons because the other have a strict pilots who don't want to light up their balloons for the night glow.

Their guest on that day was Ely Buendia one of my local band crush. He is so amazing and listening to his voice live is having chills on my spine and a lot of butterflies in my stomach. *hes's so gwapo*

All in all I enjoyed the experience and I'm inviting you all who will read this to come to the next and the biggest International Hot Air Balloon Festival in Asia.

PS: I also have the vlog about this experience on my YouTube Channel. If you want to see the whole experience go and check it on the video below!

All the love, Nikka Gagui.

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