Hey my dollies I know I've been so missing-in-action since last August 2014! I'm so sorry for that but hey cheer up I'm back and I think its for good! Sorry if last time I've announced that I'm transferring to YouTube but that was just a plan that didn't work out so back to blogging! *_*

PS: This blog post will contain bunch of photos so be prepared! 

Last March 22, 2015 I've watch the most awaited concert of the year here in the Philippines which is the #OTRATManila! Let me tell you first a short story how I afford to watch their concert with my cousin.

"So last year taylor Swift had her Red Tour here in the Philippines and I'm joining almost all the contest from facebook, instagram and on twitter but I'm not lucky enough to win her tickets so I promised to my self that when 1D will have their concert here in the Philippines I'm gonna watch their concert. Months have passed and 1D is having their OTRA Tour in Manila dated March 21 - 22, 2015 many directioners lined up so early at MOA just to buy tickets and I think it was a sold out one on the first day. I can't afford their concert tickets because the VIP cost about 18,000.00 I'm just a college student hello! How can I afford that? So time flies too fast and March 2015 is coming. Many giveaway tickets are roaming around twitter and IG. But luckily I've won (2) Gold tickets from Smart Communications Inc. I can't even believe that I really won because I just received a text message from them and I thought it was just a spam but when they texted me back telling to look at their facebook fanpage I grabbed my phone and goes online and viola it's not a spam at all! I do really won! I just told my self that day I'm not lucky, I'm blessed! because I've been dreaming, hoping and praying to watch them perform live and it was on my 2015 Wishlist!"

I must say that "Don't give up for your dreams. Our Lord God has his way to make it happen"
So much stories! So here's a bunch of photos from #OTRATManila! *_*

Since me and my cousin are from Pampanga which is 2 hours away from SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City we need to travel early because the line from each section was amazing! We left Pampanga 7:00am and we reached MOA at 9:20am since its a Sunday and there was no traffic at Edsa. I thought we're just the only early birds but I'm so wrong the line for Gold section was huge! Around 4:30pm they allowed us to get insde the MOA Concert Grounds all the girls yes girls run through the seats because Gold section is not a reserved seating. My cousin and I are so lucky to have a seat in the center part of the gold section right at the back of the Titanium section. Lining up too early was all worth it! T_T
Sorry if I don't have a good shot with the stage!

 Of course we can never forget for the obligatory selfie behind the concert stage!

 So sorry for the haggard faces. Imagine we lined up for almost 7 hours under the sun but it's all worth it!

 Even before the concert started it rained so hard and we are all wet. I'm having chills already but when the intro video started everything is gone! We don't care about the rain! We just sing and dance with the lads!

 When they already started singing Clouds I was crying because it was just a dream come true! It was not a dream anymore!!! I can hear and actually see them on stage even they were too tiny! Still I'm so thankful for that once in a lifetime experience I can't stop thanking Smart Communications Inc. for this one!

And then I saw Harry Styles? My tears keep on running! I didn't expect that he was so perfect! I really have a crush on him since 2010!

And one of the most unforgettable moment from OTRATMNL Day 2 was that cheese burger!
And Louis just catch that flying burger and eat that on the side of the stage! He was so adorable

 And he shows he's perfect man bun and he even do the whale! How cutie! *_*

And then the show was ended with the BEST SONG EVER with an awesome fireworks display. Filo fandom waited for this for almost 5 years and it actually happen. And it was being nice to be a part of it. Directioners really ruled! And I am proud to be one of them.

"Keep on achieving your dreams, never give up just because it was so hard to achieve. The Lord God always have a plan for us. Just trust and obey him. He will lead you to the right way. "

For those Filo who didn't have the chance to see them I know they will come back to the Philippines never loose hopes! They said they will come back. We just need to believe to that.

Please check out Smart Communications Inc. for more updates and other giveaways!


much love,

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