H&M Philippines ( SM City Clark Grand Opening!)

Sooooooo! Yesterday November 26, 2015 I went to the grand opening of the first H&M Branch in the North + outside the Metro! As a Kapampangan I am very proud that their first branch outside the Metro was  located in Pampanga. We all know that most of the Kapampangan are so fashionable in their heart and soul.

Upon opening their first ever branch in the North the first 300 person on the line will get Php300 - Php5000 gift cards that can be used in their shop as well. Since I'm not part of the Pampanga Fashion Bloggers (lol) I just lined up for the freebie.
H&M is so thoughtful because they give us free bottled water and a fitbar for free.
 I've been dreaming of lining up for the H&M branch because when they open their first branch in SM Megamall I didn't get the chance to go there because I'm way too far. So when I saw the tarps and their ad on facebook that they will open at SM City Clark I told myself to go there no matter what.
 I reached SM Clark almost 8am and suddenly there are 86 persons who already lined up there so I'm the 87th on the line. But I'm still happy because I got Php300 gift cards from them.
 There are a lot of beautiful items on their shop especially for their Holiday Collections! I'm in love for real. I love the shoes, clothes, scrafs and all of their items! The item that I've got was  50% OFF because some of their items are on sale! (I will post the item that I've got from them on my YouTube channel soon!) Probably it was Php599 but I've got it for Php399  so I just pay the item for Php99 such a deal!

 I envy those who really shop till they drop. Some got Php2000 gift cards because they won as the best ootd's. I regret so much because i didn't show my inner blogger spirit on my outfit that day. But I really enjoy shopping so much.
 I hope they will open another branch at SM City Pampanga also. I will go there again and I will definitely dressed up!

 That's all for today's blog watch out for my vlog!

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All the love. x
Nikka Gagui

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