Hi dollies! It’s been 1 week since I didn’t update my blog with ootd’s. Sorry for that. *u* 
 Boho dress: Wholesaleitonline | Sandals: Thrifted | Floral wreath:  D.I.Y.
 Since it’s summer here in the Philippines I decided to used my boho-inspired dress from Wholesaleitonline. Two weeks ago I received this on my parcel. It was really cute and it’s one of my picks from their shop.
 Since I’m pegging out my favorite High School Musical character which is Vanessa Hudgens who really loves BOHEMIAN FASHION I decided to buy this cutie patootie Boho-inspired dress. *v*
 And it is oh-so-perfect this summer where I can wear this once we go to a resort. So excited! *u*
Plus I also launched new features on my blog which is “HIRE ME” where you can ask me to renovate your blog layouts and many more! If you want to know more of it click here.
Also I added one more feature on my blog where you can see tutorials which you can use in beautification in your blog. You can see tutorials there with html, css, photoshop tutorials and many more! If you want to know more of this click here.

So there dollies I hope you are inspired by this post and hoping for your lovely comments! I will definitely replies all of them as soon as I read them. All of your comments are well appreciated! And oh have you noticed my new background for my photos? I want to hear something from all of you. Thankie! *v*

Visit Wholesaleitonline now for more items!

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5 (mga) komento:

  1. daintychicloila4/14/2014 01:01:00 pm

    Lovely boho dress! Haven't tried wearing boho style yet. Might try it soon. :)


  2. aww. Thankie so much @daintychicloila :) I hope we can follow each other :)

  3. I love that dress- it's really cute and the way you styled it is nice :) I think it's great that you know all those html codes and all sorts of those css stuff- they give me such a headache and I always wished I understood those. Anyway, would you like to follow each other? :) Following you now through gfc! xx

    Chic Nikkie 

  4. aww. Thankie so much @daintychicloila I hope we can follow each other :)

  5. Hi @Nicole! I'm sorry if I just responded at your comment today. Thank you so much for your comment I really appreciate it so much! Followed you already. Follow me back ok/ :)


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