Sun is heating the Philippines so much. Upon reaching 10:00AM up to 6:00PM you can still feel the heat of the sun. Did you know that May is my birth month and this year I'm turning 20. Time flies really fast that you're not that aware of what things change on you and in your surroundings.

Many things change in my life. I remember last 4 years ago I'm just a "JOLOGS" when it comes to fashion. I just wear some tees plus shorts or jeans. Not realizing how do I look like but as I say many change since I enter the blogging world I noticed that big change really comes out. I'm now into dressing up. I'm now aware of what other will say about you.

Fashion blogging really helps me a lot. In my confidence and on my personalty. Blogging really boost my confidence because I believe that wearing a nice outfit will boost your confidence in and it feels like you're the prettiest girl/woman in the world.

Since May is my birth month I am planning to conduct a giveaway. So if you're an online shop and who wants to be promoted on my blog as well you can send an e-mail at for the details. I will wait for your e-mails! *u*

Love Nikka 

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6 (mga) komento:

  1. Wynne Prasetyo5/08/2014 05:51:00 pm

    i love your round shades! <3
    when exactly is your birthday?

  2. Wow. thankie! My birthday is on May 20 :)

  3. Happy Bday Nikka! :) Never tried a denim-to-denim outfit.. Maybe I'll try soonest.. :D Looking forward to your giveaway.. Yay!

  4. Love this! :)

    Followed you on Google Follower Connect,
    really hoping for a follow back dear!:)

  5. Wiiii. Thankie Ate Qing! Missed you so much now. Hihihi. I'm looking for sponsors pa. Hihihi.

  6. awww. thankie Rubbieanne! I followed you too throught GFC! xx


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