"All eyes on me when I walk in
No question that this girl's a 10
Don't hate me 'cause I'm beautiful
Don't hate me 'cause I'm beautiful."
 Hey dollies! Summer is now heating the Philippines and I am oh-so-very excited to swim! *u* I know that everybody loves summer because you can expose your drop dead gorgeous body at the beach! But for me since I’m not that “sexy” I will just enjoy my summer into taking photos which I really love.
 Top: Persunmall | Denim Jacket: Wholesaleitonline | Skirt: Fashion Blooms | Sneakers: Juice Footwear | Sunnies: Dresslink
 Even though its summer I used my denim jacket all the way from one of my International sponsor Wholesaleitonline because its so cutie! It makes me feel like I’m a rocker. Hihihi
 I love this trendsetting because as I said I feel like I’m a rocker rocking your world with my ootd. I would like to thank my sponsors Persunmall and Wholesaleitonline on keep on supporting me.
 And also my readers who keeps on visiting my blog and leaving their comments! I always read your comments and reply all of them. I really appreciate every comment in my blog. Thankie dollies! *u*

How's my trendsetting dollies? Do you love it? Comment your sentiments below. Thankie *u*

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6 (mga) komento:

  1. Cool outfit

  2. thank you Valerie! I will visit your blog now. Hope we can follow each other.

  3. Who says you are but sexy , you totally are.. I love swimming too
    Nice skirt ,u look pretty
    Keep in touch

  4. awwww. Thankie for saying that. I'm happy. We could swim together on the beach. Hihihi. If you want too? Thankie. You look pretty too! :)

  5. Love the denim jacket!


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