A Princess turn to a Lady

Summer is finally arriving and guess what event is coming. It's already my birthday! *confetti*
So if you are following me on my instagram you've already know that my 2nd and 3rd shopping cart from Persunmall just arrived. And I was just so happy upon receiving it. And the items are just picture perfect this summer!
BLACK DRESS: Persunmall | FLORAL CROWN: Thrifted | SANDALS: Friend
 Why did I entitled this as "A Princess turn into a Lady" because on the first two photos I wore floral crown which makes me feel like I'm a princess *u*

 Then on the last 3 photos I just removed it and it feels like I'm a lady now and it feels like I'm working at the office. Hihihi *u*

Please visit Persunmall now and get your favorite items now!

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5 (mga) komento:

  1. Cute dress! Love the collar detail on it.. :)

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