Since finals is coming and lots of projects are going to be passed I am being MIA this past few weeks because of the reason we're practicing for our class presentation at Paradise Ranch we will have a seminar + a team building. So last week I really wasn't able to go online because of the reason that we're conducting our practice I go home late night. I'm haggard and no chance to make a photoshoot. Sorry for that dollies :*

TOP: Shop Nita | SHORT: Zana Di | Pumps: Dresslink

So anyways I make this post as my comeback post for being mia. I hope you love my #ootd again.

Hope you like my come back post. Till next time dollies! :*

NOTE: Umitim po ako kasi nag-team buidling kami sa bundok super init tapos naka-shorts pa. T_T
Pero infairness masaya naman pagod nga lang for 3 days.

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29 (mga) komento:

  1. beautiful as ever,missing ur Post :)

    1. awww. Thank you babe! I miss you also. Hashtag ALL TIME READER <3

  2. i like your sunnies! nice ootd!

  3. hmm, hnd aman po masyado halata na umitim kayo Ms Nikki.. :-) i like your curly hair.. :-)

  4. @Priyanka B.-thanks!

    @trillina palemi -me too! :)

    @Déborah Tg - love them too! :)

    @Slađana Sušilović - thanks! :)

    @jenny87le - I really know. Hihihihihi.

    @helen gatbonton - yeah :)

    @Isis - thank you! :)

    @lynee ayuban - hihi. Umitim ako dear. Haha! Thank you :)

  5. Thank you Sherry! Love you! :)


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