Hello dollies! I know you've missed me so much! Hihihi. I really know that in fact I miss you all too. I missed blogging and reading your lovely comments. I'm so missing-in-action this past few weeks of my life. Too many school works to do.

Anyways here is another #ootd for all of you. Since I got sick this past few days so I decided to make this #ootd because I'm just so excited to wear this clothes. This clothes are from the gift certificate that I won at Kryz Uy Giveaway featuring Samuel and Kevin. I was so shocked and until now I can't move on!

Samuel and Kevin is located at 5th floor East Wing Shangri-la Plaza Mall. You can visit them on facebook and twitter. But its much better to go to their shop because I promise their staff are really approachable and helpful to their customers. I was so happy to experience this one.
I hope you enjoy my kwento to all of you dollies! Hoping for your lovely comments again dollies and I do apologize for delaying in drawing your entries for my blog giveaways featuring Fashion Blooms and Nicval Collections I know you are all excited but sadly I will pick the lucky winners on 2nd week of November because my schedule is kinda hectic. I'm so sorry dollies but I'll make it up to you. Promise! :*

Advance Happy Halloween Dollies! :* 

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41 (mga) komento:

  1. nice relaxed ootd! congrats on winning also!

  2. @helen gatbonton - flattered. thank you! :)

    @isis-yes! :)

  3. nice outfit by the way congrats :)

  4. Cathlyn Joy Roman12/02/2013 06:39:00 am

    nice outfit,.

  5. Not so not so. Hahaha! Do I look like? :D


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