Hey dollies long time no post. Hihihi :3 Today I'm going to feature my two favorite brands and the newest items on my closet! Moda and Stile and S&K Philippines. I do want to extend my gratitude to this brands because they given me another chance to make a kabog outfit!

I already posted my experience to S&K Philippines store located at Shangri-la Plaza Mall and its a once in a lifetime experience! I mean dealing with this kind of brands I need to finish my study and have a stable job just to afford their prices! Hihihi. But I must say that S&K Philippines one of the top brands in fashion. They have the most stylish pieces on their store so visit them at 5th floor East Wing Shangri-la Plaza Mall.

Next will be Moda and Stile when we say affordable yet chicky chic items no one can beat Moda and Stile. Why? because all of their items are affordable and you cannot say anything with the quality from its packaging down to the item! You will never regret to buy one of their items!

Hope you love this newest post. I hope to see more comments below!

Visit Moda and Stile and S&K Philippines now!

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30 (mga) komento:

  1. your shirt is good as long as your shoes

  2. "kabog" outfit nga po...I love your short...

  3. It definitely shows off your gorgeous long legs :)

    1. HAHAHA! It just look so long because of the wedge I'm wearing :D

  4. My current favorite Skort! Looks good on you!

  5. Kabog na kabog. Hihihi. Thank you! :)


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