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Soooooooooooooooooo! Hello dollies! Today I’m sharing with you my makeup kit for beginners like me. I’m really proud of myself because when I was in my high school nor college days I’m not even wearing makeup at all simple baby powder and lip balm is ok to me and sometimes when I’m so lazy I just broadcast my bare face in school. But now everything has changed. Since I already graduated from college and now I can sense and feel that I’m a little bit lady now so I realized to buy my makeup essentials as a starter in the wonderful world of makeup.
Now I am sharing to you dollies what I am using right now/ what’s inside my makeup bag. I’m also planning to make a vlog (video blog)  of this items that will be posted on my YouTube channel soon but for now let me do it on my blog because I really need to work more on my video editing skills and I’m planning to have a decent camera.

Okay no more rants and I will start now this blog post!
Maybelline Mascara – I really love this mascara because first it is water proof so it is very suitable in the weather here in the Philippines because it is sooooooo hot in here.

Nichido Concealer – this is a local brand from the Philippines and I’m not very much satisfied with the coverage tho I’m still using it today but I’m planning to explore more on concealers so if you want to recommend something you may leave that on the comment box below! I will definitely try them out if they are available here.

Etude House Real Matte Lipstick – I’m really in love with Matte Lipsticks I think whatever brand will it be I think I’m going to love it. If you don’t know what is Matte it’s like a not glossy type of lipsticks and I swear they stay for like forever in your lips!

Naked 4 Face Powder – I’m also in love with this because it’s a 2-in-1 face powder plus it’s an Ultra definition pressed finishing powder + luminous finish + light diffusing + oil free! Isn’t amazingggggg?!!! It’s all product in one item! I really love Naked forever!

Daiso Japan Eyebrow Pencil & Spooly - at first I’m hesitating to buy this product at Daiso two months ago. Because I’m not sure of the quality but then I realize that it is a Japanese brand and we all know that Japanese are good in cosmetics so I decided to check it out of the store and it never fails me. I really love the texture it’s so smooth when you apply it on your brows and it has a nice finish so I’m definitely coming back to Daiso and grab this baby again.

Daiso Japan Nose Contouring Kit with Highlighter – I’m watching a lot of videos on YouTube and I admire how they have that beautiful nose and that motivates me to buy a contour kit and try to work it on my face. Since this is a nose contour you can even use this on your cheeks as a contour and highlighter itself.

 Bath & Body Works Bag - this bag is so perfect for my starter makeup kit.

Sooooo that’s all for my blog post today. I really hope that you enjoy this blog post and I hope it also motivates you to try makeup and experiment.

PS: This is not a sponsored post. All items are bought in my own money and the reviews that I’ve said are based on my experience.
If you want me to review your items you can email me at

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All the love. X
Nikka Gagui

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