CROP TOP: Persunmall | SKATER SKIRT: Fashion Blooms & Mkei’s Closet | SNEAKERS: Juice Footwear Ph

I'm overboard and I need your love to pull me up I can't swim on my own it's too much feels like loI'm drowning without your ve, so throw yourself out to me, my lifesaver.

 First of all I want to thank Persunmall for sending me this lovely crop top! I do appreciate your love to me and I am so blessed to be one of your blogger advertisers. Thank you so much! I will feature the skirt on my next blog post!

And also thank you so much to Fashion Blooms & Mkei’s Closet for sending this skater skirt! Thank you for being such a generous sponsor to me. I will keep on supporting your shop till the end. Love from the bottom of my heart.

 Since I promised to improve more my photos, because I love my dollies and I appreciate their comments and suggestions I’m now shooting outside my forever studio/room. Hihihi. Thank you to all of you because you push me to my limit and here are the photos which I might say it “IMPROVED” big time! Thank you so much for appreciating every post of mine! Every single comment you leave is so much appreciated! I love you all dollies! I want to meet all of you soon!

 *soon to beCandid Shot*

Too drama now! Hihihi. We’ll thank you to all of the support you all give to me. Thanks a bunch!

Visit Persunmall now!
Visit Fashion Blooms & Mkei’s Closet now!

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9 (mga) komento:

  1. Laila Hermosa Mercado1/12/2014 11:23:00 pm

    love the hair my mother always want me to have a curly hair

  2. Shooting outside now ha? hehe like the photos! Anyway can we follow each other thru GFC?

  3. yes! Shooting outside. Hihihi. Thank you! Sure! Followed you!

  4. why don't you try to curl it up? btw my hair is naturally curled :)

  5. Thanks! Your photos outside looks great! You can even experiment with backgrounds db? :)

  6. wow! Hihi. Thanks you appreciate my photos! Hihihi. Yes I agree and it's the light you help me too! :)


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