DRESS: Mart of China | Pumps: Dresslink

I'm back on track! Hopefully being able to blog every week this November but I guess I can't but I'll try to make things up. I know I'm so M.I.A. these past few weeks of October 'cause of my hectic schedule on school. This semester I'm going to work n my internship. Getting ready for the real world of being a professional. So anyways I don't like to talk about school stuffs for now cause I'm being pissed off! I'd like to go to beach and unwind but unfortunately. . . . . . No chance! :(

Are my photos improved?  They are not blurred right? ^^,

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    1. thank you dear. thanks for the invite! :)

  2. very nice
    the shoes are fantastics

  3. @helen gatbonton-thank you :)

    @Isis-thank you also! :)

    @sherry ann gole cruz-thanks pretty! :)


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