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Happy weekends pretty dollies! Today is the last day of my 1 week Summer vacation. Since it's my last day I'm making it sure that I can post an OOTD before my class will start. To tell you frankly I don't want to go to school yet. I'm craving for more time of vacation 'cause I didn't feel it yet(booyah! =___=)

Top: TideShe | Denim shorts: Thrifted | Sneakers: Juice Footwear

More about this post goes here. I love this Lips Blouse from my ever loving Int'l sponsor TideShe cause it really gives a feminine look to me but in my case I styled it as a Vintage Sassy. 

Why Vintage Sassy? Vintage because I make a knot on the bottom of the blouse to make it more vintage-y. I really love the effect that it shows my tummy (anyways do think I'm fat?) I'm loving this get up that shows up my tummy. I feel super sexy in that way.

So Summer is ending and the rainy season is coming! Hooooraaay I can wear na my pullovers. Hihihi. And you all know summer is ending and new school year is coming. Oh Student life konti na lang matatapos na din kita.

My classmate Edison and I are planning to put up a club in our school for the Fashionista's like us. I'm hoping that we can work with that before we graduate 'cause lot's of school papers are waiting for us now. I'm dreaming for that club for a loooooonnnggg time that I just realized that this is the time. For what I have observed lot's of fashionsita's are there in our school. And if it's approved I'm planning to have an event like gatherings, photoshoots and fashion show! Cool right? But that all are just plan first. *u*

Till next time pretty dolls! I have lot's of kwento's right? Hihihi. Amasarey! *u* Kindly leave your comments upon reading this post. I will be very glad if you're going to leave some sentiments. Love you all. xx

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xoxo Nikka

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