Daiso + Clothing Haul Philippines!

OMG! First time kong gumawa ng ganitong video. Though mahilig talaga akong mamili sa Daiso and super mahilig din akong mamili ng damit!

5 in 1 Beauty Face Massager - Php 188.00
Sponge Blender - Php 88.00
Eyebrow Pencil - Php 88.00

Maroon Top - Php 130.00
T shirt (Camera design) - Php 130.00

Jukaykay Atbp.
Sweatshirt - Php 200.00

I hope nag enjoy kayong panuorin yung video ko na to. If gusto nyo pa ng ibang haul make sure magcomment kayo sa comment box below.


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Camera used : Samsung Galaxy J5 2016 (If you want to sponsor a better camera pwede rin. Hehe!)
Software Editor : Sony Vegas Pro 11

B U S I N E S S / S P O N S O R S H I P :

Thank you gals for watching! See you on my next video! Mwah!


This is NOT a sponsored video!

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