City of Pines

Soooooooo! Hey dollies! Its been a while since I talk to all of you with an outfit post. I missed this so much. I miss posing, taking photos and especially reading your lovely comments! 
So let me talk about my trip from Baguio. We left our home town 04:00AM last 28th of October. We drove for about 4 hours and 30 mins because we have a lot of stop over. Because Kenon Road was closed because there's a landslide happened there we took Marcos Highway (La Union). The view was surreal. The mountains and I even saw a falls.

We first went to Camp John Hay we just took some photos there along some pine trees but I don't have a decent photo (sorry) then we went to The Mansion it was a beautiful place though we cannot enter the mansion itself. We're just few steps away from the gate.
The next stop the Wright Park we just walk there and enjoy the view. After that we went to Mines View Park the view in there was so unreal it was so beautiful. Everything was green but you can see some houses in there though! 
After the Mines View we went to Burnham Park and we ride a boat with an Ariel (Little Mermaid) Design but again I don't have a decent photo because I was shaking and shouting the whole time. I was too scared. (PS: that was my first time tho!)

After that we went to the market to buy some flowers and delicacies. We didn't got the chance to go to the ever famous La Preza where you can do strawberry picking because were out of time and we're so tired already. We didn't stay there overnight because our driver is not available. So we go home same day.

Crop top - Thrifted
Pants - Thrifted
Cap - Daiso Japan (Philippines)
Shoes - Addidas
Watch - Aldo

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Nikka G.

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