Shakey's Experience

Hello dollies today i'm going to share to all of you what just happen on our Shakey's Experience today! Since it's Friday and our class schedule for this day was just up to 10:30a.m. I asked my College friends if they can go with me to the restaurant and they say of course! Hahaha! They know that it's my treat so they all say "YES!" So there we went to SM Pampanga to visit the Shakey's Restaurant there.

The ambiance is so classic. I do love their interior cause its like I'm on the other side of the Philippines. Hihihi *u* Shakey's offer lots and lots of yummy foods not just pizza's. Since it's an American Restaurant they served mostly American's food like pizzabreadpasta,chickenbanana split and many more. Just visit Shakey's Philippines for more details.

Since our order is not yet coming I just asked my classmate to took a picture with me and Arlyn. My pose here was so "pacute" *u* but I do love this photo because I look so young. Hihihi *u*

For our menu I ordered Buffalo wings 'cause it's one of my favorite. It's so yummy! I want morrrreeeee!

I do love this dip as much as I love my boyfriend. Hehe! Kidding aside but it really taste so good.


I'm so serious on this chicken wings. Hahaha! *u* I do promised it really taste good though it's quiet a little bit spicy. But you all know that buffalo wings are spicy right? I'm not fan of eating spicy food but a big EXCEPTION with Buffalo wings of Shakey's!

Today I'm using my Shakey's Fun Certificate from Shakey's Philippines. A big thank you to Ms. Mariell Cetra. I do love you for giving me this kind of opportunity. Thanks a lot. *u*

Try their new product offer Chicken n' Mojo's now!

Visit the nearest Shakey's -Restaurant on your place!
Visit Shakey's Philippines website now!

xoxo Nikka

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